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Black Widow

Black Widow, she calls herself miss.

Black Widow, she’ll seal your fate with one kiss.

Black Widow, she’s the one you can’t resist.

Black Widow.

-Violet Heart


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  1. Eric Lange November 25, 2016 at 12:56 am - Reply

    Awesome….Honestly I’ve only mastered the first 35 seconds, i’m working hard on it and having a blast and won’t give up till I can play it all well. It’s a fantastic composition, beautiful and haunting and very challenging for me (you make it look so easy Violet it makes me a little sick…lol!) You and your music have reignited a spark in me and I know I will be motivated to practice much more now…Thank you very deeply for that Violet, your passion for your music is very inspirational I feel I owe you big time. I won’t be bugging you much now that I have this to work on, but let me know when the other tabs are available. We were talking speed the other night and a track came to mind later you probably heard it it is from the Deep Purple album In Rock the song is “Child in Time” unbelievable solo from Ritchie Blackmore another not well known song you might enjoy is Rock the Nation from the band Montrose that features a very young Sammy Hagar no speedy solos on that one but a real uptempo rocker that might be inspirational for you since that’s the direction you are headed for sure. Thanks for darkening the background Violet its much better now that I can see what i’m typing! Now back to my homework, hahha. Your friend Eric

    • violetheartmusic November 25, 2016 at 8:00 pm - Reply

      Wonderful I am so glad to hear you are working through the guitar tab for Black Widow, it is one of my favorite songs to play. You made my day when you said I have inspired you to get back into your playing. That is beyond awesome and there is no greater compliment I could hear as a composer, I love that it has motivated you to pick up your guitar and get playing. I will definitely keep you updated when new songs come out. I have you on my email list so you will get an email each time a new one is released. This site is a work in progress so thank you for your patience with me on it haha, I appreciate that. It can only get better from here. Take care,
      Violet Heart