Violet Heart is an instrumental music composer who’s art is often regarded as an extension of her soul.  As an electric guitarist and pianist her music ranges from melodic rock to slow blues guitar and piano pieces with a cinematic flair, in all capacities she pours her heart and emotion out into every note.

“Music has been my best friend in life, no matter what, music is always there waiting for my joy, my pain, sadness, peace, serenity, despair…  I have come to the conclusion it is sound therapy.  I find myself there, in the music.”  -Violet Heart

Violet latched onto music at a young age, it started with the piano and by the time she was a teen she had taken up the electric guitar.  She began her formal studies by taking 8 years of lessons beginning at the age of 7 and continued onto 2 years of music theory at the college level.  As a composer her music is often melodramatic focusing on the emotional aspect. She pulls the listener in with beautiful singing melodic lines, then takes them on a journey with captivating builds, valleys, and peaks.  These are a just a few of the elements which showcase her maturity as a composer.

Her last two releases were electric guitar instrumentals “Get Closer” and “Tell Me (Guitar Version)”   In the months to come, she is working on upcoming releases which include a piano/orchestral arrangement of “Tell Me” in addition to her newest piano piece “Stillness of my Heart” and rock guitar instrumental “Over You.”