Making Progress on some New Music!

 Hi!  I’m back… 🙂

And I have made some musical progress..   I paid a visit to Resonant Mastering studio this week.  The ever so talented Rachel Fields mastered my piano/orchestral version of Tell Me.  I have been to the mastering studio before while getting other music mastered and always thought of it as just making it louder.  Rachel invited me to toggle between the mixed version of the song set at the same volume as the mastered version.  I could hear through toggling back and forth the real effect mastering has on a track.  It was much more than just making it louder, there was a new spatial feel about it, the best way I can describe it would be the pre-mastered track sounded a bit flatter than the mastered one, mastering gave it new dimension!  So cool, I love learning about the other aspects of music production that I am not involved in.

In other news, I finished recording a new rock guitar instrumental back in April.  I have struggled in the mixing phase since then, I sent it via online to a mixer on the east coast, needless to say it didn’t end well for me.  I ended up not too happy with the mix and not being there in person it was really hard for me to get across making the necessary adjustments to get it to align with my vision.  I spent some time searching for another mix engineer, with a new requirement that they are located on at least the same coast as me so if I needed to attend the studio for final revisions this would not be an obstacle.  I finally found an engineer in the L.A. area.  We have started the mix via online, and I have to say we are on our second revision and already making really great progress.  I’m really excited to release this soon, it has been a struggle getting the mix figured out, but I also knew I needed to take the time find the right engineer and get it done the way I envisioned it.  The mix is such an integral aspect of the production process it can’t be rushed.  Now I must scheme up some video ideas!!  Stay tuned…